evening aerial view of west hollywood

What's Your Sign?

June 02, 2017

Few sites are as iconic as the Hollywood sign that adorns Mount Lee. The sign, however, was not always as pristine as what you see today. By the late 70s, the first o looked more like a u, and one of the two o’s in wood had fallen down. In 1978, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner spearheaded an effort to give the aging letters a makeover, resulting in the spiffy sign you see today. To get there, head west from the Chamberlain on Santa Monica Boulevard toward Griffith Park. Pay no attention to “Tourists Go Away” signs. The residents can be a bit cantankerous, but the park and the route to it are open to all. The three trails that continue up to the sign are, from least to most difficult, the Mt. Hollywood trail, the Charlie Turner trail, and the Canyon Blvd. Trail. When you reach the summit, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views L.A., Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget your water and sunscreen, though. The California summers can get quite heated.

Address: Griffith Park, 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027