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Chamberlain Staff Picks

Tinsel Town's Top Theaters

November 07, 2016

What better place is there than Los Angeles to catch a flick? It’s called Tinsel Town for a reason, right? Theaters are a dime a dozen in Southern California, so the Chamberlain wants to introduce you to the city’s most interesting and memorable movie going experiences. Consider Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theater. Time Out Los Angeles says you’ll find some of the “most diverse, wacky and thought-provoking programming in the city … everything from kitschy B movies to punch-proud masterpieces.” Those looking for the latest releases from independent studios should hit up the Downton Independent. Here you’ll find artsy and international pictures, to be sure. But the real joy is sampling the work of up and coming local directors. From time to time, live, stand-up comedy is on the schedule as well.