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The Perfect Cup of Coffee Is Just Around the Corner

January 09, 2017

Looking for the equivalent of your neighborhood coffee shop? Look no further than Coffee Commissary, a favorite of locals and travelers, which has received rave reviews from publications like KCET Food, The Daily Candy, Food GPS and The New York Times. Their featured roasters include Coava, Victriola, Madcap, and Temple. They have a delightful brunch menu as well, featuring avocado toast, cornmeal pancakes, vegan veggie wraps. Coffee Commissary has several locations in Burbank, Hollywood, and Culver City, so whether you're headed - east, west, north or south - there's a location nearby. The one closest to Chamberlain, however, is on North Fairfax Avenue, about seven minutes away. As they say at the Commissary, "your perfect cup of coffee is just around the corner."