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L.A.'s Original Market Movement

May 06, 2019

The booming years of Hollywood’s Golden Age gave birth to the glitz and glam of its stars and a burgeoning street market. When you think of 1930s Hollywood, the highlights that come to mind may be The Wizard of Oz, the rise of Walt Disney, and the early days of the Oscars — but at the same time, another mainstay was rising up and finding its own light — L.A.’s Original Farmers Market. What started as an outlet at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax for a few farmers to sell their goods during the Depression turned into a full-blown farmers market within a few months, complete with permanent stalls and its very own Fall Festival. Together, though, the market and Hollywood grew hand in hand with stars such as Shirley Temple (selling sweets behind the counter of Brock’s Candies for a Red Cross fundraiser) and Marilyn Monroe (appearing as Miss Cheesecake of 1953 for the grand opening of Michael’s Cheesecake) showing their support for a market that turned into a movement.