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Explore Marvels of Nature and Engineering at the California Science Center

September 03, 2018

At the California Science Center, the largest interactive science center anywhere on the West Coast, visitors can enjoy a stunning variety of fun and educational exhibits that will appeal to folks of all ages. Permanent exhibits include Air & Space, which explores the scientific and engineering principles that govern the design of air and spacecraft; World of Life, which takes you on a journey through organisms of varying complexity to demonstrate the shared processes of life; Ecosystems, which illuminates the unexpected interactions between the animate and inanimate that structure the environments in which we live; and much more. You’ll also be treated to special exhibits like King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, the biggest King Tut exhibit ever to go on tour, and Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear, which explores the effects of fear on individual organisms and whole societies. And that’s just a small sample of the marvels you’ll encounter on your visit to the thrilling and family-friendly California Science Center.

Address: 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037