evening aerial view of west hollywood

A Trip Through Time on Sunset Boulevard with Philip Mershon

May 08, 2018

There are many ways to tell the history of the United States in the 20th century. Perhaps most famously, the US has represented itself to the world, and to itself, through its movies. The Hollywood entertainment industry, infused with glamor, scandal, and revelation, comes to life in vibrant Technicolor detail with longtime Hollywood resident and historian Philip Mershon’s one-of-a-kind walking tour down Sunset Boulevard. Philip’s intimate tours, limited to a maximum of eight guests, utilize the topography of the city’s most famous boulevard, coupled with vintage photographs and Philip’s own inimitable storytelling prowess, to unfold the thrilling tale of the rise and fall of Tinseltown’s biggest film studios, record labels, and radio and TV networks. This tour is not a cookie-cutter recitation of names plastered across the Walk of Name. It’s a unique take on an enormously complex and entertaining narrative born from years of passionate and painstaking research. We’re sure your afternoon with Philip will be a highlight of your Hollywood holiday.

Tours start at 1500 Vine St. (right by the statue in front), Los Angeles, CA 90028