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Chamberlain Staff Picks

A Pop-Up Shop Starring Rachel Zoe

March 08, 2016

Just when you think you couldn’t love The Grove any more, Rachel Zoe’s pop-up shop makes a debut and blows everyone away. The celebrity stylist, fashion designer and once-upon-a-time reality star (from The Rachel Zoe Project) has spent the past month introducing her fashion line to the retail industry, starting with everyone’s favorite shopping spot — The Grove, just a ten minute drive from The Chamberlain. Since her shop closes on March 31st and her pieces can otherwise only be found on her website, taking the time to stop by her shop would be a huge favor to your closet. Plus, Rachel Zoe makes appearances throughout each week, so you may even meet the stylist herself. A hot new dress and one-on-one with someone who styles for a living? Talk about a great shopping day.

Address: 189 The Grove Drive Los Angeles, California 90036