Noselotl began his culinary career working at some of Southern California's finest restaurants, including Entourage in Los Angeles, Royer's in Marina Del Rey and Geoffrey's in Malibu.

He was drawn to the glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood and the challenge of taking on the food and beverage operations of an entire hotel. Chef Emilio went to work at Le Montrose and, soon after, the Mondrian.

While serving as Executive Chef at the Marriott, he opened a restaurant at a Sheraton in Garden Grove and another at a Hilton in Glendale.

After these undertakings, Chef Emilio missed the intimacy and quality of boutique hotels. He returned to Hollywood to completely transform the Chamberlain West Hollywood and pursue his passion by creating unique, ever-changing quality dishes.

Chef Emilio strongly believes in putting the satisfaction of the customer first by offering options such as vegan, low-carb and gluten-free choices.

This effort, combined with the use of the freshest ingredients and the newest trends in fusion cooking, leads to a truly exceptional West Hollywood restaurants dining experience.

Born in Mexico, Chef Emilio Noselotl's love of cooking began at an early age with the help of his grandfather, a local butcher, and his grandmother, an excellent Mexican cook. His passion led him to the University of Puebla where he pursued his dream of learning the art of French cuisine.